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Dine wisely

Eating out is the best. You know what’s not the best?

Ordering the wrong thing and having #OrderRemorse.

Introducing Dinary, your dining diary.

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Dinary ABC Cocina


Spend hours sifting through tons of reviews or sites trying to find the best taco in NYC? Easily find the highest rated item specifically by dish and location.


We trust our own opinions, then our friends’, then critics’….then strangers’. See recommendations (or warnings!) from the people you trust. 

Remember. Review. Share.

Sometimes we forget what we’ve ordered and what we've thought. Record everything you eat so you never forget (and never make the same mistake twice!). Choose to share your posts with yourself, your friends, or the world!


Tag, sort, and filter keywords so you can quickly find that gluten-free, vegan, organic, kosher, paleo-friendly dish on the menu without breaking a sweat.

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Want to remember to try THAT DISH at THAT RESTAURANT? Bookmark and favorite both menu items and restaurants so you’ll never forget. We can also send you a friendly reminder when you’re near a dish you wanted to try!

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